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"Art is Divine" and there are two types of Artists. One with natural abilities and skills and other who learn with lot of devotion and hard work.  Art does not have language and could be enjoyed by anybody who could appreciate it and enjoy it.  Art is not limited to a particular Land or creed or color or country and has no age limit too.  The relationship is a bond between GURU and SISHYA (Teacher and Student). 

     Many arts of Andhra Pradesh are traditional and have evolved into current stage based on socio-economic conditions and some of them have evolved themselves into new art forms.
    This is an endeavor and initiative from the Department of Culture, Government of Andhra Pradesh to promote arts of Andhra Pradesh by bringing information on arts, artists, art facilities, art schools, programs and events happening all around to encourage and bring back these art forms.

    We would be adding further more features to this facility by bringing in news letters.

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